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The Line of Sun which is also referred to as the Line of Intelligence or the Line of Success that has great importance in palmistry just like the Sun has on the planet. It is the central point on your palm around which other aspects revolve. The deeper and more pronounced the line is, the more beneficial it will turn out to be for the person. The lightness or the absence of the line indicates a weak personality and the inability of utilising mental capacity to its utmost. The Line of Sun defines the meaning and importance of one's life.

Other lines present on the palm are linked with the Line of Sun, such as the Line of Fate, Line of Luck and Line of Success. This is an indication of artistic temperament and light heartedness. However, if there is an absence of compatibility between these lines, the holder says nothing but is an admirer of art rather than being an active part of it. He lacks the power of expression.

Like the Line of Fate, it represents different facets of your hands. All these lines are deeply interconnected with one another. For example, Line of Pyramids does not carry much weight if present on weak philosophical hands in comparison to strong square shaped one.

When the Line of Fate complements the Line of Sun, they together make sure that the person reaches the height of fame and popularity and has an excellent luck factor in the life. The prominence of the Line of Sun does not necessarily signify that the person will become famous at the international level. It just means that in their personal life, the capacity and field, they will prove to be well renowned personalities greatly respected by those who are in their circle. Now this line does not only contribute to the positive side of success but can be quite helpful in bad deeds as well. If you are a thief, a mugger, or a killer, you will never need to face any adversity in accomplishing your task and if you are an artist, an actor, or a painter then you will be very popular and famous. In other words, it makes sure that you will gain success irrespective if it is good or bad consequences.

The people, who have prominent Line of Sun in comparison with that of those who have light or no such line at all, are more emotional and sensitive. The presence of this line is considered to be an indication of the artistic talent. Hence, the one who possesses this line by nature has a dramatic flair (aptitude or keenness) towards everything he does with a hint of exaggeration. They easily get attached to pretty baubles and beautiful things around, effortlessly attaching themselves to it.

It is confirmed that the Line of Sun supports and affects the Line of Fate. However, at the same time, it has great impacts upon other existing lines as well. If this line appears to be strong, prominent and relatively dark, the mental health and life appear to be in the same state, as if they were interlinked. For example, if the Head Line is deep and so is the Line of Sun, the person, in that condition, will show immense brilliancy and great thinking capabilities. The Line of Sun can affect the outcome of our life in a number of ways considering the various impacts it has on the lines of the palm. It has several aspects which are very complex. In comparison to other lines, this one is difficult to find and figure out.

The line of Sun can initiate from seven different places on the palm but it always ends up beneath the middle finger. Like the Line of Fate, it crosses from the centre of the palm and moves upwards towards the middle finger. In its complete state, it starts from the wrist and is hardly visible to the naked eye. Listed below are different states of the Line of Sun and their descriptions.

  • Starting from the Line of Life
  • Starting from the Line of Fate
  • From the Mount of Mars
  • From the Mount of Moon
  • Starting from the Head Line
  • From the Line of Heart
  • From the Mount of Sun

1) From the Line of Life

If the Line of Sun is starting from the Line of Life and structurally the hand indicates an artistic outlook, the person will be a great connoisseur of beautiful things. If it proceeds on to the Mount of Moon, it means this is the evidence of coming success in the artist who is inclined towards arts and possesses skills in this particular field. He will reach the acme of success through his own hard work and dedication and will soon be very well renowned for his works in his professional and personal circle. See Figure No.

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