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Mind Line or Line of Brain

In Hindi language, it is called as 'Mastak Rekha' or 'Putar Rekha'. In this chapter, we are teaching you about mind line or the line of brain in brief with analysis. It shares the same origin with the line of life or age on our hand. The difference between these two is that, escalation of age line makes a circle around the Girole of Venus and in this way it passes the palm of hand in a straight manner.

Line of brain or mind line is a big line on hand which has its own importance. This line is helpful in understanding human attributes like, normal mental condition, power of creativity, combined thought, imagination, control on self, trust on one-self and most importantly, any change in plans that are framed by a person, which are helpful in fabricating the coming course of life. Regarding the ability to predict about the coming life, this can be said that the mentality or brain of a person change every now and then. Sometimes the strength of brain becomes strong and in other times, it drastically reduces.

These changes are predictable many years before they happen. Even before a person imagines about these by himself. This line is helpful in knowing the normal mental diseases. Brain line also has impact on other lines present on the hand and they also tend to change under the effect of this line. That is why, before analyzing other lines present on the hand, it is necessary to have a look on the brain line.

It is necessary to pay attention differently to different type of hands under the impact of brain line. Important points regarding this must be kept in mind. For example, a steep line of brain on a conical hand is not much impacting and important as compared to having this type of line on an oval shaped hand. That is why; we will study different types of hands. How brain line impacts on different types of hands and how the brain line has different affects and results on different types of hands.

Brain line can originate from three different points:

  • Center of escalated Jupiter
  • From starting point of life line or,
  • Below the line of life and near escalation of Mars.

As the start of this line takes place from three different points in the same way, its end will also take place on three different points.

  • On center
  • Escalation of Mars minus
  • Escalation of Mercury

Brain line has key importance among all the lines present on hand. That is why more attention is needed to be paid on this line. In order to get optimum results from science of palmistry, it is necessary to look at both hands very carefully and compare it accordingly. The line of brain present on the left hand shows the norms and characteristics that one has gained through his ancestors. While the line on right hand reflects all the qualities and bad habits as well with which one passes his life.

The difference between the right and left hand must be taken into consideration with great care. Any minute change in them must not be taken for-granted; instead, they have to be noted carefully. These should not be over looked. Careful analysis is required at the point or place where this line ends or turns around. This will be supportive in predicting about the mentality of a person that at which point it will be diverted in the coming future.

The line of brain is very important. All other lines on the hand tend to change in shape and size under the impact of this line. This is why, before looking on other lines, it is necessary to study the brain line first. Sometimes, there is a case where the brain line and heart line are the same. This condition does not prevail much and is rare. However if this condition exists, then this line will always be consider as line of brain. A person with this kind of hand does not possess the line of heart.

The length of brain line must be looked at carefully. Length is the basic characteristic of a line. It is interesting to know that, if brain line is short in length, the person having this type of line possess brain with less efficiency. He will be short tempered, obsessed and will be having an easily ignitable mood in nature. If the brain line is long, it shows a mentally diverse and capable personality. A person having a long brain line will have good mental health and capabilities, strong vision and dignity with an additional influential nature. He will be forethoughtful and wise for no doubt.

Now we are discussing this line in descriptive form.

Start From Escalation of Jupiter

If brain line is starting from the escalation of Jupiter and touching the line of life, this type of brain line is very effective. Person having this kind of line has diverse capabilities. He will be very mentally skilled and will have a strong decision power of doing something and having a strong ability remain consistent on his plans. His mood will have a sense of freedom to a great extent. He would express his views in a very cautious way. These people are forethoughtful and cool minded and they know how to utilize there qualities. That is why they earn prosperity.

If brain line starts from the escalation of Jupiter and does not meet the life-line, instead it moves in a separate way, then the person of such a hand will be more Imperturbative. These people tend to remain away from the old and traditional norms and do not want to follow them. They have a sense of freedom in their mentality and have the courage to express this freedom openly. These people are very aggressive in their decisions. They have the ability to lead, whether it is political or religious as they are free of fear in their expression of views. On the basis of this, they can express their views very liberally. If this type of line exists on a hand of a priest, politician, professor or an artist, then they can excel in their profession to a great extent.

Starting From the Point of Life Line

If brain line is starting from the origin point of life line and brain line is connected with the life line as well, the person having this type of line reflects a hysterical and emotional nature. People of such nature have no control on their emotions and feelings. They lack confidence and have a sense of inferiority in them. Even if people of this category are clever, they are not capable of getting any sort of benefit from their capabilities because of the mistrust they develop in them over time.

If this form of brain line further moves towards escalation of moon and has a bend downwards, the person having this line has control over his thoughts. Thoughts are in their controls and are not easily overcome by external factors. If the line ends after bending on escalation of moon, then these people have great literary abilities.

These people are very emotional. Many of these are poets, literature writers, artists and photographers. This shows their inclination towards high work ethics and aesthetics. Most of these are also businessmen.

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