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Take notice while hand reading that if there is an island at the very start of the life line and then the line is moving ahead clear and smooth, this indicates premarital sexual relationship in that couple. Moreover, according to various palmistry guides, this also means that the person with such lines is living a happy married life. Usually this line is found in people living in developed countries where premarital sex and any such relationship in an engaged couple is not considered as taboo.

If a similar line is branching out from the line of life and moving towards Venus and it has an island on it at the end point, this is a sign showing that the individual having this condition will have to face deceit and ruthless behavior from his partner. According to palmistry guide marriage line and life line are very important in this regard, therefore require a thorough analysis. It does not matter whether this line is on the hands of a male or female, the person having this line will cheat on his or he spouse. As you can see in palmistry basics with pictures, anyone with a similar pattern on hand will involve in extramarital affairs with his/her own will.

While reading hand lines, if there exists an island on the life line, while the starting and ending point of line is clear, shiny and possesses an island in the middle, this means that the initial time period of the individual was passes quite brilliantly with full of love and passion. However after this, his love partner has deceived him sometime in his/her life.

If this type of line is present on a hand of a male, this shows that he will deceive his wife. However if the same line or condition exists on a hand of a female, this shows that the female will deceive her husband and most palmistry guides agree to this fact. This line reflects that an individual having this pattern will develop sexual relationship, other than his or her life partner. He or she will do this in fully aware that whatever is being done is wrong but infatuation will take over everything. And due to this, he or she will have to face disrespect in one's relationships and problems. Sometimes this condition becomes so worse that in anger and aggression, they might kill someone. If this sexual line is moving parallel to the line of life on hand of a female and becomes less visible after moving forward, this reflects that the female with this condition will have to face separation from the male to whom she was influenced, but this will be for short time period. After sometime that male will come back in her life again.

Another fact to take care of while palmistry palm reading is that if this line disappears from the point where it had become less visible as in previous case, this shows that her lover will leave him or may die. If there is a cross sign present on this line, it shows that the love ones will leave her for another female and her love for him will change into hate. The place where this lines cuts life, brain or luckline; this shows that, ex-lover will harm her during that period of time.

Most sources of palm reading online tell that the life line tells the age of a person as well, which is not true in most cases. Line of life does not tell correct age or time of death. Some bad signs present on other lines can shorten the life of an individual. If life line breaks on a certain point, then this is a clear sign of that individual's death. Besides the line of life, the position and escalation of health line has also an importance in this regard. This type of death will be caused due to certain disease. This will not depend on the length of life line that how longa person will live?

Predicting Age by Looking at the Line of Life

The maximum prediction for age can be 8 years or it may be 74 years by minimum. By the same means, you can divide the whole length of life line and can predict the traumas and other information.

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