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It is to be noted that while hand reading, if the starting point of lifeline, brain line and heart line is the same, that is, all are originating from the same point then this is not a good sign in palm reading. A person of this type jumps into the pool of problems without thinking much. This is due to the flaws that are present in his nature. He has no foresightedness and has no concern with anyone even with his own self. These types of people have chances of getting into car accidents. Much care is required while driving a car on the road. According to various palm line reading guides, people of this sort are also prone to having accidents in their homes and playgrounds as well. That is why, they have to be careful. Being hasty while driving, or crossing roads is something they should not try that often. If one is driving a car himself, then he must have to drive it with due care.

Then again, most of the leading palmistry guides tell that people with interconnected lines are also unfortunate to some extent regarding various aspects of their lives. Moreover, palmistry luck line hand regarding love is a bit tricky because they usually fall in love with or trust wrong people. If a person has separate lines on his left hand, then this shows that he has started his life with the above mentioned circumstances but has changed his habits with time and has made his environment fit him.

If lifeline is divided from its middle point and one branch has gone towards the escalation of moon, then this is a sign of strong, healthier and restless nature of a person. It also shows a person's love with adventure. This kind of person either travels a lot or loves to move around.

Note that while reading hand lines, if this condition exists on a soft and fragile hand and the brain line has a downward shape, then this is a sign of reset less nature as well. But due to a soft and fragile hand, this type of person is remains lazy. For this reason, they cannot fulfill the desire to grow a lot. In this scenario, the downward shaped brain line represents a weaker nature.

If several small and thin lines are originating out of the life line, then on the dates or time period of the origination of these lines, there will be drastic change in one's strength and his strengths will become weak. These types of lines are normally visible in the last phase of one's life. From this, it is clear that a person with this will have a weak nature after several phases of his life. Each and every line coming out of line of life is a sign of increase in strength, power, success and profit. If a line comes out of life line and moves towards the escalation of Jupiter, then the place from where this line of life originates, this will be the same time period when one will get high respect and success.

If there is a line in hand reading that is originating from the line of life and it is moving towards escalation of Jupiter and is entering into it, this is a sign that person with hand has strong desires in his heart to be wealthier and respectable. If this line stops at brain line, then it means that a person with this has tried his best to get success and fame however, he failed in doing so due to his own mistakes. If a line from line of life reaches and stops near the heart line, then this is assign of being emotional and this will be a reason of failure.

Be notable that if a line comes out from line of life and reaches the luck line, then this sign represents two important dates or events when the person possessing this sort of hand rebelled or will rebel against the circumstances that are prevailing in his life and he did hard to breakthrough them. One is that point when the line moved upwards and second is the point when this line meets line of luck.

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