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Life Line or Line of Age

Another major aspect of palmistry guide is the life line. This line is known as 'AtyuRekha' in Hindi. While in English language, it is known as the life line. There are several lines which are short and long in length and are present on the palm of hand. However, age line has major importance out of these lines. Its starting point lies between the thumb and the first finger. This means, it starts from the escalation of Mars positive that lies between the escalation of Jupiter and Venus. It further surrounds escalation of Mars and after doing this; it goes down towards the junction of hand and arm. So in one way, it bounds escalation of Venus and Moon, so while reading hand lines, it becomes easy to identify from the rest.

A proper palm reading of this line shows age, health, physical fitness, illness and death of an individual. The age line usually tells about the status of heath of a person. It also highlights those attributes which are linked or connected with weather conditions and sexual life.

While having a look on a life line through this palm reading online guide, this must be taken into consideration that only that life line is good which is long and clear. It should not be broken, with no chain formation in it. Similarly there should be no other flaws present in this line. If line of life is large, clear and deep, this means that an individual with this condition has optimum health condition and he is away from fears of getting ill too soon. Hand reading of life line is imprinted on the palm of hand in two ways. This imprinting is actually placed in a special manner on the palm of hand. One way is that, it starts from its starting point and moves in a circular manner while coving Venus and moved into the bangle lines. Second is the case, when it comes straight out from the base of thumb and moved towards the bangle lines and hence in this manner it reduces it circle around the Venus.

In first case of palmistry guide, when the line circles around the Venus, it starts to look like a river that flows between bases of two mountains. In reality, Escalation of Venus is a place that possesses many capabilities. It is this place from where the line of life gets its power and strength. When the line of age extends its circle around the Venus, that person has a strong physical body and due to this, he possesses good physical health. He has good will power, has an element to face pressure and has a desire to live. These people enjoy a life with its true meaning. They are also sexually strong.

According to major palmistry guide marriage line, those people who are not married during their entire time or those women who are of old age and are not married, have a life line that passes straight on the escalation of Venus and reaches to the junction of hand and arm. This way, very little area of escalation of Venus comes under this line. Due to this, people having this sketch on the palm of their hands will have less qualities of Venus in them. Moreover, these people are weak in physical strength and are predominantly selfish. These people might also be impotent. In women, this line often represents the sign of being unable to reproduce. While reading hand lines, it should be kept in mind that this line is only in the hands of people who do not get or will not get married throughout their lifespan. Life line should be clear, without any breaks and should not be weak in its flow. It should be regular, have no crosses in it, be intense and must be narrow. A life line of this type ensures long life and good health in hand reading.

Four places or points life line from where this line starts.

  • Normal
  • Above from normal
  • Below form normal
  • Above from the escalation of Venus

While palmistry palm reading, if the line of life starts above from the normal point and starts from escalation of Jupiter, this is a sign that this person has started his life with desires of success and prosperity in his life. And if the life line is weak, broken and has islands on it at its starting point, then this is a sign that person's initial life is weak and has passed with various diseases or illness. A person whose life line starts from escalation of Jupiter has very strong desires. This is due to big influence and qualities of escalation of Jupiter as a standard in palm line reading. As desires reside in the escalation of Jupiter, which is why person will have strong desires to become rich and gain fame. He has or will have good relations with well-known personalities. And if the escalation of Jupiter of a person is strong, he will study scientific knowledge or shows interest in spirituality and work hard to get wealthy. He has desires to become a well-known person. If there is a big escalation of Mercury on the palm of hand, then the owner of such a hand wants to be a good writer and speaker. However, this kind of person is very ego centric and flattery loving in nature.

If the line of brain and line of life are connected with each other, that person spends his life wisely. He is very sensitive. He is pretty much careful while starting a task for himself.

When there is a reasonable distance between the line of brain and line of life as in this palmistry basics with pictures, then that person has courage to transform his ideas into a practical form. He participates in practical works. He has an ability to complete the tasks efficiently. They have good courage and have good physical strength. This sign shows the passion to achieve prosperity in the world.

If while hand reading there is some distance present between line of brain and line of life, then this is a sign of over confidence. A person of this type is much emotional and restless. These people can be agitated too easily and are hasty most of the times. These people also have quarrelsome nature to some extent. They have no logic in what they perform or do. These people are under the influence of Mars and have qualities of Mars that are visible from their acts. These people are always in a hunt for dangerous situations and problems. They like to fight against the problems. Read on for more palmistry in Urdu and English.

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