Hath Ki Lakeeren - Hand Lines

Mapping all lines of the hand

Here you will be able to find different lines, which exist on hand, their meanings and complete analysis briefly. Before beginning, it is quite better at this time to mention that there is a marked difference between lines of the two hands, that is the left and the right hand. While analyzing the hands, it is wise to look at both the hands to keep in mind the difference between these two. Furthermore, there is need to pay more attention towards the right hand. This is because; right hand reflects the norms that have been learnt throughout during the life span of an individual. It also reflects the hard work and the impact of environment in which one has spent his life. This can be understood be the fact that because right hand is used more in delivering the services during everyday businesses, it harbors more power and more capability to do work in an efficient way. The motive behind this is that, brain directly controls the working of the right hand; brain translates the idea in it into a more practical form while utilizing the right hand. So, by looking at this hand, it is easier to judge the human capabilities and the way of his/her living.

Small or Secondary Lines:

  • Line of intuition
  • Line of head
  • Girole of Venus
  • Ring of Solomon

Unpopular Lines:

  • Line of children
  • Path of spiritualism
  • Helping lines
  • Travel line
  • The bracelets
  • Line of health
  • Marriage line

The big line present on the palm of hand has its own uniqueness and habitation. In normal conditions, a line on the hand starts from a particular point or place. From here, it continues to move ahead, growing stronger or weak until it ends at a pre-defined point. Similarly, each line has its own quality, which is fixed.

Good lines with a quality appearance have some specific characteristics. If there is any deviation from the normal point of its origin or where it ends, the characteristics of that line would also change, causing change in the importance of that line of the human behavior as well. Keeping this in view, it is very important to know about the middle point and the end-point of every line under discussion. There are rare chances that the lines on a person do not change during the entire course of his life. Although there are minor changes in the major lines of a person, the secondary lines change every now and then. They not only change according to the changing human circumstances but also according to the changing weather, age and even lifestyle. Some lines do remain almost the same throughout the lifespan but still have varied crossovers from other lines affecting the temperaments of those unchanged lines.

Hand Lines Hath Ki Lakeeren

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